Picture Of How ClickFunnels Can Help Real Estate Agents

Over 5 million homes were sold in the United States in 2018; that is, people bought over 5 million properties in the United States in 2018 alone. The real estate business is a vast one. As long as humans remain on land, there will always be a demand for space and property.

The need for living, office, commercial, religious, educational, recreational, and even parking spaces are basic demands for humans. It has translated to continuous property ownership exchange. Therefore, the goal of every real estate agent is to close as many deals on properties as possible.

In the wake of online communities and digital marketing, it would be foolhardy to neglect such an opportunity to expand your horizons as a Real Estate Agent.

Many real estate agents are yet to leverage the use of clickfunnels to attract potential clients, generate leads, and convert them to continuous customers. The shift from physical to online marketing has presented not only the opportunity for a wider audience but the prospect of a broader clientele base.

How ClickFunnel Helps Real Estate Agents?

As a real estate agent, you don’t have all the time to communicate with potential clients, especially when they come from your online platforms and campaigns. ClickFunnels can help you generate leads. It automates the process of attraction from the point of contact of prospects with your property listings. These prospects are called leads, and a well-written sales copy or a gift-magnet on the sales funnel can effectively convert such leads to property sales, and in turn, yield amazing commission on sales.

More on how ClickFunnels can help Real Estate Agents

Picture Of how ClickFunnels can help Real Estate Agents Generate Leads

A click funnel is a software that allows you to lead your prospects to close a deal on a property by taking them through step by step stages, upon interacting with your website, advert copy or gift-magnet. It integrates other platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Facebook Ads, etc.

These platforms allow you to target prospective clients seeking your services in the vast online community. Such prospects are often within specific locations and demographics, and their properties of interest usually cover a wide range.

1. Templates That Generate Leads:

It also comes with different templates that make it easy for you to generate leads. You don’t have to worry about property sales and equally worry about writing the lines of codes to reach your audience.

Instead, its drag and drop feature allows you to work with pre-existing templates specially customized for real estate properties, thereby, affording you effective use of your time and money.

2. Integrated Advert And Social Media Pages:

Either it’s your website or a social media page, Clickfunnel integrates all new sources from which your prospects can be targetted to your landing page. It could come from your Facebook Ad, YouTube, Google Ad, your social media platforms, or even your website.

The integration allows for a broad reach of your prospects, funneling them through the process till they become customers. These integrated platforms allow a massive down-size in cost.

3. Automated Communication:

Clickfunnels automates your connection with your leads, even after closing deals with them. It’s not enough for prospects to become customers, possibly close a contract with you and never return.

With Clickfunnels, you could always be in their faces, reminding them that you are genuinely interested in them and ready to be of help when they need any.

This strategy puts you at an advantage, as your continuous appearance, makes them commit to bringing you referrals, return to check your property listings, and possibly make an impulse decision to purchase.

4. Integrated Auto-responders:

Clickfunnels enables you to integrate customized auto-responders for different lead segments. It helps you keep your leads engaged when deciding on purchasing a property while you are asleep.

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How To Optimize A Clickfunnel As A Real Estate Agent?

As a real estate agent, 80 percent of the workload is taken off you by using Clickfunnels. However, the conversion of your leads to sales would largely depend on your ability to optimize your Clickfunnel. This part is the 20 percent needed to make it complete.

Having a property listing on your website, from which prospects can make their choices, often marks the first process of automation on the ClickFunnel. Here are a few points to optimize a Clickfunnel as a real estate agent;

1. Property Landing Pages:

This is the first point of contact with your property after your leads come from a platform. On this page, you should describe all the details about the property and talk about the pain point of your prospects, and how it is the best deal they can get.

It should also contain a Call-To-Acton button that further leads them to see other properties that might interest them.

It may also include an email subscription button that allows them to receive updates on property listings, or even find out more about the property or properties in a specific location of interest.

2. Email List Subscribers:

The ClickFunnel would allow you to compile an email list, on which automated responses on prospects’ property of interest would go almost immediately. The bot might not do all in engaging your leads.

You have to stay abreast of your subscriptions. Be sure to offer value, give free guides, from time to time as this would keep your leads engaged and able to trust you, till they convert for sales.

3. Tweak Your Landing Pages:

Clickfunnels allows for a template tweaked for different properties on your listing. You could tweak your landing pages from time to time, to monitor performance, and also optimize it based on metrics from the previous performance.

4. Newsletter For Segment Leads:

Segmenting based on the group interest of leads and sending tailored newsletters that focus on the specific property needs and their location of interest is a great way to communicate and convert leads for sales. It could be best achieved by adding links to landing pages or specific remarketing pages.


Doubting the effectiveness of Clickfunnels in facilitating your sales as a real estate agent, would be similar to challenging if rain were liquid. It caters to all the processes of converting your prospects from the online community into committed clients, thus taking a huge workload off you, cutting costs on expenses. At the same time, you make more sales than you ever would offline.