Project Overview

The 1,500-acre Presidio is a new kind of national park – a place of natural beauty, a site of great historic significance, and a unique public resource where people live, work, learn, and play.

Today, an opportunity exists to make this special place even more meaningful for the public.

A portion of the elevated highway that cut through the Presidio for seven decades on its path to the Golden Gate Bridge is being replaced with an at-grade roadway hidden from public view by discrete tunnels.

This creates a singular opportunity to establish a magnificent 13-acre landscape that integrates the San Francisco Bay waterfront with the Presidio’s historic core. Once completed, park visitors will enjoy an unparalleled experience of the Golden Gate.

The New Presidio Parklands Project encompasses three interconnected sites:

  • A 10-acre dramatic designed landscape to be created above the roadway tunnels
  • A 3-acre revitalized Crissy Field Center Youth Campus with a “Learning Landscape”
  • A gracious new plaza for the Presidio Visitor Center

We wish to create a welcoming place that embraces cultural diversity, creativity, learning, fitness, and fun. It will be a place that is inspired by history and responsive to the needs of visitors, today and in the future.


  • Honor the history of the Presidio
  • Offer a magnificent experience of the Golden Gate
  • Welcome all
  • Integrate the natural landscape of Crissy Field and the cultural landscape of the Main Post
  • Create the best place to begin a Presidio experience
  • Provide exceptional environmental learning opportunities


In March 2015, the Presidio Trust and James Corner Field Operations released preliminary design concepts for the New Presidio Parklands Project. These alternatives incorporate early public input. Each offers a range of features and invites different kinds of activities and experiences.

We invite you to view the preliminary design concepts and share your comments.